10 days – 10th to 19th October 2023

Autumn in the Dolomites is memorable, with golden forests and clear water lakes, composing with minimalist chapels, which attracts landscape photographers from all over the world. It is not by chance that the Dolomites are a UNESCO world heritage site.

Beyond checking those natural beauties, you will be part of a small group of up to 8 people and followed individually and kindly by Alex Rapel, awarded as one of The World’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers of 2021 by the prestigious OneEyelan.

Join us in this unforgettable experience! Come stay in comfortable hotels and eat in typical, delicious restaurants!

3 in 1 (Photo tour + Workshop + Certification of Professional Landscape Photographer)
USD$ 3.900 per person
Accommodation in tourist category hotels in a double room (optional additional of USD 600 for a single room)
20% in advance to book your reservation
Physical conditioning required: easy
Photography knowledge: from beginner to professional
Small group: from 4 to 8 people



We will pick you up from Venice airport and take you to a comfortable hotel to rest. Then we will photograph this beautiful and romantic city. We will take advantage of the incredible opportunities to photograph the waterways, churches and practice the long exposure.


We will travel towards the Dolomites, enjoying the breathtaking landscapes of the Italian Alps. We arrive at our comfortable hotel in the Dolomites region. The sunset is at the picturesque Villa Santa Maddalena with golden forests in autumn colors and views of the Furchetta mountain of the Dolomite Alps.


Sunrise over the incredible Lago di Braies, with its clear turquoise waters blending with the golden forests of autumn. Other compositions throughout the day depending on the weather conditions, closing with a sunset on the picturesque Lago d’Antorno.

We see the sunrise in Passo Gardena, with the composition of Cappella Di San Maurizio and the golden forests with the yellow tones of autumn. We explore other amazing secret locations around, depending on the weather conditions. Sunset is in the incredible green meadows of the Alpes di Siusi, with compositions for the huge mountains of Langkofel.


Sunrise at the massive and imposing Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Other compositions throughout the day, depending on weather conditions. Sunset is on the beautiful Lake Misurina.


Sunrise at the impressive Passo Giau. Incredible panorama with a view of the Church of San Giovanni Gualberto, with the composition of the Nuvolau mountains. Sunset is overlooking the gigantic Cinque Torri hill.


Sunrise is in the picturesque village of Valle di Cadore with composition for Chiesa di San Martino. Return trip to Venice airport. This is the departure day. Farewell to the group and to the new friends. We will transfer everyone to the airport. Each one will take with them the unforgettable memories and the new friendships made. We are sure that soon the group of friends will meet again on our other 4 photo tours: Switzerland, Patagonia, Northern Lights in Iceland and New Zealand.


Do you want to join one of our expeditions or get more information? Talk to our team.

    About The Photographer

    Alexandre Siqueira

    Alexandre Rapel Siqueira, or just Alex Rapel, work for 11 years as a pro photographer. He was elected as one of The World’s TOP 10 Landscape Photographers of 2021 by Oneeyeland and awarded several winning photos, including the gold medal at the prestigious Epson International Pano Awards 2021.

    Before becoming a reference in the field of digital art and NFTs, he was the CEO of a large company in Brazil, which almost led him to burnout. That was when he decided to change his life to focus on what he has always loved: the art of photography, outdoor activities, travel, nature, and landscape. Now, he leads photo tours and uses his art and NFTs to make people more aware of conserving the environment and living more minimalist, with an open-air lifestyle.

    Alexandre Siqueira
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