10 days – 8th to 17th April 2024

One of the most preserved places in the world, with abundant nature and unparalleled beauty, one of the most desired destinations for all photographers, the Patagonia region encompasses two countries, Argentina and Chile. Why choose between the gold of Argentine Patagonia and the wonder of Chilean Patagonia when you can visit both in a single expedition?

Beyond checking those natural beauties, you will be part of a small group of up to 8 people and followed individually and kindly by Alex Rapel, awarded as one of The World’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers of 2021 by the prestigious OneEyelan.

Join us in this unforgettable experience! Come stay in comfortable hotels and eat in typical, delicious restaurants!

4 in 1 (Tour in Argentina + Tour in Chile + Workshop + Certification of Professional Landscape Photographer)
USD$ 3.900 per person
Accommodation in tourist category hotels in a double room (optional additional of USD 600 for a single room)
20% in advance to book your reservation
Physical conditioning required: easy to medium
Small group: from 4 to 8 people
Photography knowledge: from beginner to professional



We’ll pick you up at the airport and head to Estancia Ibepo Ike, the most beautiful and traditional country house in the region, an icon of the regional culture of the Patagonian pampas. There, we photograph wild horses, sheep and native animals such as the majestic condors, flamingos, guanacos and caracaras.


We will have our photography workshop and at the end the delivery of the Professional Landscape Photographer Certificate. Afterwards, we set off to watch the sunset over the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier.


Sunrise with a panoramic view of the Rio de Las Cascadas waterfall with a glance of the classic Mount Fritz Roy. Afterwards, we took advantage of the locations around the Laguna Capri. Sunset is over the iconic Laguna Torres overlooking the imposing Cerro Torres hill.


At the sunrise, we will continue exploring other compositions around the beautiful Laguna Torres. We visit the “forest of dead trees”. Sunset is over the beautiful city of El Chalten, with Mount Fritz Roy in the background, magnificent!


Sunrise on the Rio de Las Vueltas with panoramic views of Frits Roy and Cerro Torres. We explore other locations around during the day, depending on weather conditions. At sunset, we photograph the Corillo del Salto waterfall, composing it with the yellows and oranges of the vegetation.


Heading towards Chile, we photograph the sunrise in another location on the Rio de Las Vueltas, composing with the Cerro Torres and Fritz Roy mountains. We make a beautiful composition of highway 23 with the diagonals leading to the vanishing point towards the Cerro Torres and Fritz Roy mountains, amazing! We drive along the classic Route 40 to Chilean Patagonia and contemplate the vast fauna of the Torres Del Paines park, with herds of guanacos and beautiful condors.


Sunrise on the pier of Lake Pehoe with turquoise waters, enjoying the variety of compositions. We make other compositions during the day, to be chosen according to the weather conditions. We finish with the sunset in the petrified forest of the Nordenskjold lake, overlooking the incredible mountains of Cerro Cuernos.


Sunrise at Laguna Amarga, with flamingos and a view of the massive Torres Paines. We make other compositions during the day, to be chosen according to the weather conditions. The sunset is over the Laguna Azul and the wonderful waterfall under the Paine River.


Sunrise at Torres Del Paines Park in a beautiful location to be chosen according to the weather condition. Then we drive along the classic Route 40 back to El Calafate.


This is departure day. We will end the photo tour with the sunrise, photographing the flamingos in Laguna Nimez. Here’s when we say goodbye to the group and to the new friends. We transfer everyone to the airport. Each one will take with them the unforgettable memories and the new friendships made. We are sure that soon the group of friends will meet again on our other 4 photo tours: Switzerland, Northern Lights in Iceland, New Zealand and Italy.


Do you want to join one of our expeditions or get more information? Talk to our team.

    About the Photographer

    Alexandre Siqueira

    Alexandre Rapel Siqueira, or just Alex Rapel, work for 11 years as a pro photographer. He was elected as one of The World’s TOP 10 Landscape Photographers of 2021 by Oneeyeland and awarded several winning photos, including the gold medal at the prestigious Epson International Pano Awards 2021.
    Before becoming a reference in the field of digital art and NFTs, he was the CEO of a large company in Brazil, which almost led him to burnout. That was when he decided to change his life to focus on what he has always loved: the art of photography, outdoor activities, travel, nature, and landscape. Now, he leads photo tours and uses his art and NFTs to make people more aware of conserving the environment and living more minimalist, with an open-air lifestyle.

    Alexandre Siqueira



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